Poliklinik MUC offers clinical rehabilitation to people battling various addictions to help them throughout their recover process. We are licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health to provide medication based therapy (for methadone, amphetamines etc) to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

In addition, we also provide full service treatments for addictions to smoking, alcohol and other compulsive disorders.

Drug Rehab Program

  • Drug screening
  • Drug free workplace
  • Drug abstinence program
  • Methadone replacement
  • Buprenorphine therapy
  • Addiction counselling

Stop Smoking Program

  • Addiction assessment
  • Counselling to quit smoking
  • Medication to quit smoking

Quit Alcohol Program

  • Alcohol Spit test
  • Alcohol free workplace
  • Withdrawal treatment
  • Overdose management
  • Abstinence assistance
  • Counselling

Other Addictions

  • Gaming Addiction
  • Porn/Sex addictions
  • Food addiction
  • Metabolic syndrome

Harm Reduction Program

Prevention Program

  • Counselling on Addiction
  • Methadone Replacement/Buprenephrine
  • Screening (blood, urine, saliva)

Treatment Program

  • Treatment of HIV
  • Sex addiction and counselling

Are you struggling with Addiction? We offer effective Rehab Services in Kuala Lumpur at the best prices. Having addictive habits can create a mess not only in your head but in your life as well. It does not only affect you but also the people around you.

We, at Poliklinik MUC, understand how energy-draining it can be to be addicted to things. Hence, we provide you with the best Rehab Services in Kuala Lumpur that show fast results. We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who help you get rid of your addictive habits.

Whether you want to get rid of smoking or want an alcohol rehabilitation center in Selangor, we are the ultimate choice for anyone who is looking forward to getting rid of their addictions in the long run.

When you choose to take our rehab services, we assure you 100% guaranteed results. We have 6 years-long experience in the field and take every possible effort of offering you the best of our services.

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